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2021 Rules and Regulations

Our insurance requires that ALL shooters fill out and sign our wavier once a year. If you have not filled one out, you can print it out and bring it to our next shoot.  Waviers are REQUIRED!


Dixie Range Rules.

1.  No Alcohol or other intoxicants are  allowed on the Dixie range.

2.  No Firearms are allowed on the Dixie Range.

3.  Range finders are not allowed on the course.

4.  Bowhunter class shooters cannot have movable sights on their bow.

5.  Shooting the course backwards is prohibited.

6.  One trophy per shooter per weekend.

7.  Class winners can either accept a trophy or shoot free at the next months shoot.

8.  New Traditional stake (Lime Green) has been added to the course for Traditional shooters

9.  Registration ENDS @ 1pm! Targets will be pulled at 3pm

10.  Any person under the age of 16 must be under the supervision of a responsible adult.  This applies when shooting the course or using the practice range. This rule must be obeyed as it is required by our insurance.

11.  When searching for arrow lost beyond the target, lean your bow on the target.  This will let others know you are behind the target. Do not shoot at a target if a bow is leaning on it.

12.  In a group that contains archers shooting from a different stakes, the archers shooting from the farther stakes must shoot first.


Registration Fees:

Dixie Members = $6.00

Active Duty Military - $10.00

Adult Non-Club Member = $12.00

Youth  =  $5.00

Cubs = $3.00

If you shoot only one day, the above rates apply. Shoot both days of a 2-day shoot for an additional $ 5.00 per archer.  If you have any questions, please see a club officer for  clarification.

Trophies are awarded based on having competition in a class

1-2 participants=1 place

3 participants=2 places

4 or  more participants=3 places

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