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Dixie Bowmen Archery Club was founded in 1960, and chartered in 1961  as a field archery organization.  The club has been in  continuous operation since the beginning.  Several years ago we welcomed Virginia Traditional Bowhunters Association as an affiliate of Dixie Bowmen.  Our range is  presently located on thirty-one wooded acres in Prince George  County, Va.  We have a diverse membership that includes modern  compound archers as well as traditional archers.  Dixie holds      3-D archery shoots starting in January, and running thru May, and in  August and September.  We use mainly Rinehart and McKenzie 3-D  targets, set on a competitor and spectator friendly course.   Targets are set at reasonable hunting distances and take into  account the differences of equipment and skill levels.  

Meetings are held on the 4th Tuesday of each month. During the  summer months, we normally hold the meetings at the range, (weather  permitting), with a short fun shoot being held before the meeting by  those attending.  We normally hold a traditional only shoot on  Saturday, and an open for all classes on Sunday as per our schedule. 

During the late spring or early summer, we hold a  Traditional Rendezvous over a two day weekend.  We have among  our membership several bowyers who specialize in laminated recurves,  as well as traditional selfbows.  We also have some primitive  archers who do flint knapping and make river reed arrows.

Please check out our web site, and contact one of the officers  listed if you have any questions, or come visit us during one of our  shoots, and get to know  us.               

Thank you,

The Officers and Members of Dixie Bowmen & Virginia Traditional Bowhunters Association.


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